Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Usage Report Sharepoint 2007

Sharepoint has usage reporting feature , this will be handy for the basic usage reporting.This feature is there in sharepoint but we need to enable them to start reporting.One of the drwaback of this reporting it supports only 30 days.

This report could be filtered by the following criteria.
  • Page
  • Browser
  • Referrer URL
  • User
  • Operating System
If you are sharepoint admin you will be intrested in following information from Usage Report

  • Total hits and recent bandwidth usage across all sites.
  •  Maximum storage space allowed.
  • Total amount of storage used by the site collection.
  • Percent of storage space used by Web Discussions.
  • Number of users for all sites in the hierarchy.
Let see how we will enable this feature

1. Go To Central Administrative Site of Sharepoint Farm

2. Go To Operations Tab
3. In Operations Page Go To Logging And Reporting Section
4. Click On Usage Analysis Processing Link

5. In Usage Analyisis Page Enable Loging and set the Log Path

6. Enable Usage Analysis Processing and Set the time
7. Click OK and Save the settings

Now you are enabled analysis in you Farm, So the next step is to enable it in Shared Service level.

1. Go To Shared Service Home Page

2. Go To Office SharePoint Usage Reporting section, click Usage reporting
3. In Configure Advanced Usage Analysis Processing page, in the Processing Settings section, click Enable advanced usage analysis processing.

4. Search Query Logging section, select Enable search query logging

Now you could enable it in the Site Collection.
1. Go to the Root Site (Home page of your site)
2.Click on the settings ->Modify All settings

3. In Settings Page go to SiteCollection Administrative Section and click Site Collectin Features

4. In Feature Listing page Activate Reporting Feature

Let see How we can view this reports

1. Site administrators   -  Site Settings -> Site Administration section -> Site usage reports
2. SSP administration site - Site Settings -> Site Administration section -> Usage summary

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Rash said...

Great post.

I encounter a problem with the Site usage summary report. The site report is also showing data of other sites.

On further investigation, i found that all the site are having a common webID becoz they are based on common site templates.

Any insight would be helpful