Monday, December 6, 2010

Installing MOSS 2007

MOSS Installation is straight forwar but at times, it could take you to a position where you need reinstall everything.Here i just trying to explain the option available at each step so you could install it with ease.

1. Double click on the MOSS Installer.

2. Click on RUN
3.Enter the product key and you could see tick mark changed to Green (If you entered right product key)
4. Click on Continue
5.Accept kBthe license agreement by checking the CheckBox

6. Click on Continue

7. In this screen You have two option BASIC and ADVANCED

Basic - If you are installing in a developer box or a system you could use for DEMO purpose choose the BASIC installation.It will install the SQL Server Express Edition and Sharepoint into the BOX.It will not allow you to configure much , more equivalent to a one click installation.

ADVANCED - Choose advanced option whenever you are installing in standared environment (DIT,SIT OR Production).This option allow you to configure Sharepoint installation properly.

8. Click on ADVANCED

9. Above screen prescent you with important option tabs in your installation
Server Type Tab -  prescent you with three options

1.Complete :- If  you are installing for any of the standared environment choose complete option.So it will install all  the component into the system.There only two scenario i could think if you are not choosing this option  you are adding a additional server to your Sharepoint Farm or you are setting up a development environment.

2. Web Front End - This option you will choose only when adding web front end server to your sharepointfarm , means you already have complete installation and sharepoint central admin site is running in that server and want to aad additional server for scaling you farm.If you setting up the first BOX(Server) in a your farm then you should go with Complete option.

3. Stand alone - If you are setting up a developer box or demo box you coul choose this option.Because you dont have any plan to scale this by adding another server.Dont use this option for any of your standared environments.

File Location Tab prescent you with the option

 In File location Tab you could specify where all the physical files of sharepoint installation goes to.Its equivalent any installation package which allow you to specify the physical location of the files.Normaly sharepoint installation will take around 8GB so if you prefer to keep the installation other than c: drive you could specify that and you could also isolate the sharepoint installation to a specific drive so it will easy for the maintainence.

Feed Back :- Good to keep this enabled so microsoft could improve from feedback.

10. Choos Complete Option
11. Click on Install Now
12. You will the screen with a progress Bar. Once installation Complete it will present with following screen

13.If you want to run the Sharepoint configuration Wizard then keep the check box checked.If you want to run it later (After a cup of tea) uncheck the option.


Now we installed the sharepoint but we need to configure the sharepoint .So sharepoint could store all the configuration information in its configuration Database and run based on the configuration.

You could strat the configuration wizard at any point of time by going to Administrative Tools-> Sharepoint Poduct and Technologies Configuration Wizard.

1. Click On Next
2.Click on Yes

3.This step you could executing in different scenario

Executing Config Wizard First Time
In this case it will ask you the DataBase Sever Name , Config DB name and User Name and Password to connect. Provide those information according to your environment

Executing Config Wizard Again (Re running the config)
 Inthis case it will prescent you with above screen with DataBase Sever Name , Config DB name prepopulated and greyed.  you could select do not disconnect and run the wizard.If you want to create every thing from sratch choose disconnect.

Executing Config Wizard To disconnect from a farm.
  Inthis case it will prescent you with above screen  with DataBase Sever Name , Config DB name prepopulated and greyed. So you could select  Disconnect and run the wizard.

Executing Config Wizard After Service Pack or Patch Installation
Inthis case it will prescent you with above screen with DataBase Sever Name , Config DB name prepopulated and greyed. you could select do not disconnect and run the wizard.

4. Click on Next

5. Above screen allow you to set the port number in which you are going to run the Central admin site.Give a port number which you could remember easily.

6.Above screen also allows you to choose what kind of authentication you are going to use for Sharepoint.If you didnt have any specific need to use Kerberose go with NTLM.If you are going to use Kerberose then you are going to make the configuration more complex.Here i am not going to cover the Kerberos because it requires seperate article for that.

7. Click On Next

8. Verify the information provided are correct and click Next

9.You will see 8 stage  configuration Going on something like below

10.After success full completion you will see the following screen

Now the time to Go to you central admin Site and Do the rest of Configuration.

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